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My name is Mark Tracy Hoagland, and I am a photographer.  I started taking photos in 1969 and began developing a passion for photography.  I have always loved taking portraits, in all types of styles.  Mostly I took Actor Head Shots, Model Portfolios, Portraits, Glamour, and Fashion, working with both Male and Female Models.

My involvement since the beginning was all-inclusive.  I have worked as a camera and equipment salesman, a photo lab technician becoming known for my skills in custom printing.  I have been an instructor and a student, loving the idea of sharing a passion for photography.

While working as a studio manager for Don Wheeler in Tulsa, OK, and Alistair Cowin in Los Angeles, CA I was able to take something away from both.  Don taught me to look for detail and Alistair showed me how to inspire myself and my model during a shoot.

Throughout my career, I have continued to work on developing a style and improving my technique.  This brings me to current times.  I have stepped away from photography for several years.  I have begun acquiring equipment and want to get back to being creative.

I am aware that some of my portraits are dated but I hope that the ability will shine through.  I am willing to exchange my time and talent to work with new models, stylists, and makeup artists to build a new and current portfolio.

I would additionally love to develop some new clients and I am prepared to work closely with art directors to develop strong images.  I am currently working from my home where I can provide a simple and low-cost shooting environment.  I can work locations and always looking to develop new places to shoot.

Feel free to contact me by phone, text, or email.  Thank you.

Mark Hoagland

Mark Tracy Photo

918 289 5613

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